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Since 2011, Martha's Vineyard Productions is proud to have helped develop the public outreach portion of the Martha's Vineyard Boards of Health Tick Borne Prevention Initiative. The initiative is instrumental in being the first project to unite the five island board of health departments under one roof. Funded by a five year grant from the MV Hospital to reduce the incedence of tick borne illness on Marthas Vineyard by 75%, M.V.P. worked with agents from the five island boards of health to develop key public outreach assets such as the development, creation and maintenance of the all island boards of health website, social media platforms, supporting graphics, video productions and news/media outreach programs. This partnership is a shining example of how we can use our ability to create digital content assets to better enrich and serve our community.

Tick Life Cycle

This video production is one of twenty produced for the TBI initiative and features Professor of Infectious Diseases, Sam Telford. The main goal of the outreach program was to convey highly scientific, informative information from a credible speaker into an easy to understand, entertaining format for the general public. As seen in this example, some of the information is very complex. To overcome this challenge, we used a variety of mediums within the video production medium to help illustrate the educational material in a way that the general public could understand and pass along. Through the aid of social media, the website, and public access TV, the videos created for this initiative have generated over 20,000 views by locals and visitors to the island.

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